Cleaning your solar panels is best done as soon as they are dirty. By cleaning your solar panels you get more return from your solar panels. This return can be as high as 20%.

Why clean solar panels?

Solar panels work because they capture and transfer sunlight to the existing solar cells. Soiled solar panels absorb less sunlight, so that less solar energy is produced. Fallen leaves, bird droppings, pollen and dust are the main causes of solar panels getting dirty. By regularly cleaning your solar panels you get maximum return from your solar panels.

Clean solar panels yourself

You can easily clean solar panels yourself with the right tools: an extendable telescopic handle and a telescope brush. By doing this yourself, you don’t have to hire a cleaning company and you save a lot of money.

Example calculation:

A cleaning by a professional cleaning company can easily cost € 100 each time. You can buy a telescopic handle from € 109.95. This allows you to clean your solar panels for several years. So when you call in a cleaning company twice, you are already more expensive than when you purchase a telescopic handle.

When should I clean my solar panels?

It is best to clean your solar panels in April. This way you are prepared for the six sunniest months of the year and you get the most return from your solar panels. In the autumn period, make sure that you regularly check your solar panels for loose leaves. The leaves block the sunlight, so you get less return from your panels. Even in the winter it pays to check your solar panels: snow, like leaves, blocks sunlight and has a negative influence on the result.

Cleaning solar panels: handy tools

You need tools for cleaning your solar panels yourself. The two most important are:

  • An extendable telescopic handle
  • A telescope brush

Solar panels are usually located on the roof, so it is advisable to choose an extendable telescopic handle. This way you can reach any place on the roof from the ground. Telescopic handles come in various sizes and types. Always choose a handle that matches the height to be reached. All of our telescopic handles are sold as a complete set, including a telescopic brush, soap dispenser, strong water hose and corner adapter. Telescope brushes can also be purchased separately and are often sold including a tractor set to wash tall windows.

Cleaning tips for cleaning solar panels


  • Check your solar panels 2 to 3 times a year.
  • Work safely: switch off your power system and do not touch the cabling.
  • Remove stubborn dirt: first remove dry leaves and then remove stubborn dirt with a cloth or soft brush.
  • Use an extendable telescope.

Tip from

Our advice is to clean your solar panels when it rains. Because the rain water releases the dirt, cleaning your solar panels is very easy. Rainwater is lime-free and rinses your solar panels completely clean. This means you don’t have to buy an expensive osmosis system.


  • Do not use a high-pressure sprayer: this will damage the solar panels.
  • Do not use cleaning agents: the use of cleaning agents can irreparably damage your panels.

More information

You will find various cleaning products at View our range of telescopic handles and telescopic brushes and start cleaning your solar panels.